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The Snowy Yarn Company is passionate about making and sharing joy through crafts. We develop and manufacture our  yarns at our  mills in regional Tekirdag. 

Most of our products are recycled from unused fabric wastes which are collected from textile producers of worlds famous brands. This production surplus comes to us as fibers or as fabric pieces. These products are seperated by quality and assembled in our factory. As a result of this process we produce our yarns.Each season we try to release a new type of yarn, so our product range is constantly updated. We always are selecting the best raw materials to produce quality and convenient yarns. Our company will give its best to avoid the wastefulness in the textile industry by producing these recycled yarns.

Our Vision

Our aim is to provide quality and also competitive service by acting in accordance with the wishes of our customers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire you with beautiful yarns and projects that are produced in a responsible way with respect for people, animals, and the environment.

Skilled spinners, dyers and machine technicians bring our products to life. Each  of yarn is carefully nurtured from fibre through to retail distribution. The commitment and care that is necessary for each and every step means they don’t rush.

Our design team are makers, just like you. We knit, we crochet and we create. We are part of online communities, we knit for charity and share our creations with our loved ones. We offer designs that are inspired by global fashion trends but tailored to the needs and aspirations of our customers. Every pattern is purposefully designed and precisely written, then tested by our dedicated knitters and crochet workers. Our experience allows you to make with ease, knowing that you are getting the best!



Our wider access to textile mills and supply channels across various strategic origins for Yarns, Fibers and raw metarials, gives us the ability to seamlessly fulfill customer expectations.


Our rigorous quality assurance from shop floor to packing results in high quality products and on time delivery.


With our company philosophy to put customer’s ?rst assures best in class service in all facets of the business. We certainly go the extra mile to serve our customers.


We believe speed of response is a source of competitive advantage. We are committed to faster response time in terms of service and delivery.

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