Snowy Yarn

Recycled Eco-Friendly Yarns

By making use of waste, we minimize our impact on the environment and create a cleaner world for future generations.

High Quality Yarns

We fully control the procurement of raw materials, manufacturing process and implement the product inspection to supply the high-quality products to all customers.

100% Customer Satisfaction

All of us at Snowy Yarn genuinely care about our customers and insist that the quality of all our plants and level of customer service are of the highest standards - we want you to enjoy shopping with us.



The Snowy Yarn Company is passionate about making and sharing joy through crafts. We develop and manufacture our  yarns at our  mills in regional Tekirdag.

Most of our products are recycled from unused fabric wastes which are collected from textile producers of worlds famous brands. This production surplus comes to us as fibers or as fabric pieces. These products are seperated by quality and assembled in our factory. As a result of this process we produce our yarns.Each season we try to release a new type of yarn, so our product range is constantly updated. We always are selecting the best raw materials to produce quality and convenient yarns. Our company will give its best to avoid the wastefulness in the textile industry by producing these recycled yarns. 

Our Vision

Our Mission

If you want to support a sustainable world, join us!

Consult With Us The Suitable Material for Your Project

We can produce or develop according to the samples you request.

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